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3 years ago, Oxley_18

Best idle game I've ever played

Everything about this idle game is amazing. If you enjoy RuneScape-style, single-skill training games where they all eventually play important roles with each other, then I guarantee that this is the idle game for you. Been playing it for just over a week and it has been incredibly rewarding. It’s been the kind of thing I can run in the back ground for 2 days and then micro-manage after that when I’ve done enough grinding of a certain resource. My one and only complaint is with the Herblore skill. It’s such a powerful skill that ties almost directly into farming (with some necessary inclusion of combat) but it’s incredibly hard to get enough seeds to make some proper potions and get the ball rolling. I mean the chance to get herb seeds needed for the 2nd or 3rd tier potions is pretty low and takes a long while to accrue enough. There are of course alternate options like pickpocketing the farmer, but I would just like to see some love put in to the drop rates of seeds. But that’s literally it, I love everything else about this game down to the details on the icons of skills and monsters. Truly a top-tier game.

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2 years ago, Brandon291

Good, but not worth the price for full version.

So I got this game a while back, loved playing it. Reminded me of RuneScape a lot which I think is the point. Easy to understand and go about it as an idle game. All skills were open and no restrictions. However, when I opened it up today I noticed there is now a pay wall to most of the content. So all the work I put into skills are now blocked, some even maxed out but now unless I pay 10$ I can’t even view it. Of combat skills you can use only 4 of the 8. Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints. The blocked skills are ranged, magic, prayer, and slayer. These skills provide a lot of flexibility to combat and can make fights easier or more rewarding. Plus slayer unlocked new areas for you to fight in for better loot so it knocks out 14 additional zones you could choose from. For non-combat skills you can only use 6 of the 16: woodcutting,fishing,fire making,cooking, mining,and smithing. Locked skills are :thieving, farming, fletching, crafting, rune crafting, herblore, agility, summoning, astrology, and magic. I’m very frustrated with what was a great concept being turned into a paywall that blocks me from all progress I had made before the paywalls introduction. I’ll give it 2 stars for how I loved it in the past. But steer clear of this app unless you want to chip out 10$ just to play an idle game. Edit: my review isn’t showing up.

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3 years ago, rillosplittr

a whole different tier of idle games

The only thing this game is missing is an in-game tutorial, which I learned is currently being developed after checking the development roadmap. This game will take a few minutes and maybe an hour to learn, but is very, very well worth it. If you don’t like in-depth games don’t waste your time downloading it. This game is 5 stars across the board, and you can tell that the developers care. If you like runescape, idle games, mmorpgs, etc TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN AND PLAY THIS GAME. I’m 3 days in and see so much potential; i’ve already had a great time playing it. I recommend starting a regular account and once exploring a little, create a second account in adventure mode to use when not active on your main account. The wiki is extremely useful, and has a beginner guide to help you understand the game. Start with fishing or woodcutting if you have no idea what to do!

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3 years ago, CannibalBunnies

Neat Idle game but I want a little more from it.

Not a traditional sense of fun but from a completion-est standpoint it does have plenty of merit. Take RuneScape or World of Warcraft and take it down to its base skills and you have this game. You pick a skill and idle in it for awhile and than usually use the resulting rewards in a different skill and idle than produce something to use for another purpose or even a third skill. It’s neat how much each different skill is connected but beyond that that’s really all there is to it besides the combat skills. Combat although different is very slow and especially at the start requires paying some attention while you slowly chip away at enemy health bars and that really isn’t that fun, magic is a lot better than standard combat but that one is 100% supported by farming resources without any mana bars or the likes, ranged is also better than melee but not as good as magic but as needs to be farmed. Neat game to play and some people will definitely love it but I was looking for a little bit more from a game like this and while I won’t play it much I definitely will open it up from time to time.

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3 years ago, emperorgoats

Good potential.

I want to give Melvor 5 stars but it has some problems in my opinion. My biggest problem is dungeon chest loot. It can take a while to complete dungeons (seems many mobs have unavoidable attacks) so you are eating food constantly, preventing you from attacking at all. I spent 5 hours doing the spider dungeon, obtained 17 chests. I got ~300 Mithril arrows from them. That’s it. Felt like one huge waste of time. Not really a idle game if I have to spend hours grinding at one dungeon for arrows I could craft in seconds. I don’t want to know how many attempts it’d take to get the amulet of looting. My other problem I’ve mentioned. Mobs seem to have special attacks that always land. Spiders have a 5% chance to hit me, yet every poison attack hits. Mammoths have the same hit chance, but have a unavoidable attack making them impossible to afk. Skilling is about the only idle thing you can do in the game. My final opinion is just download RuneScape. You’ll be spending the same amount of screen time and actually be able to communicate with others and progress just as fast.

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2 years ago, MrNewbiekins120

Great potential, very limited

This game has the potential to be something huge. I understand that this is inspired by RuneScape, where a ton of skills are behind the paywall. However, I feel like this game is not satisfying enough to play on the free version. The interface can be a bit confusing, I had trouble navigating the drop down menus a few times. Once you get used to it, it makes sense. I dislike the amount of times I tried to do an action but was blocked by the pay wall. Options that require the full version should be blacked/grayed out to signify I can’t do them, so that I don’t waste my time clicking every button. Fishing provides too many different junk items that fill the inventory quickly. I’m not sure how we are expected to manage the inventory when the space is so limited at the start. The inventory is a little tricky to sort and manage too. Being able to select one item at a time is a little frustrating when you are clearing it out. There should be an option to select multiple items to sell.

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4 years ago, Squad RioTT

Amazing game for fans of Runscape

I have been a huge fan of RuneScape since I was younger and even though I don’t really play RuneScape itself anymore. Or I haven’t recently this game has definitely got me back into the mood. With plenty of the same skills and similar mechanics Melvor Idle does an amazing job at capturing RuneScape within an idle game. This game is done amazingly and I’m so glad it exists. I remember wanting to play a remake of RuneScape in first person or something new and this is the game I didn’t know I really wanted but I’m so glad I found it. Not only is this game great for fans of RuneScape it is probably the best idle game on the AppStore. With the most non intrusive ads I’ve seen in a game and the best content. A really really good job has been done with this game. I hope to max on here just like I did back on rs. Again super good job I could not recommend this game enough.

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1 year ago, Fhhfijuf

Two Problems

Great game for playing idle but with two problems that would make it five stars. 1. Bank space, just double it. It’s such an annoyance and now that I’ve gotten to 84 slots it costs $350M to add 100 more slots. It was better when it was 1-10 slots but now I have to wait a long time to get more slots when 84 just isn’t enough. I’m deleting items to make space only to need them not long after. I can’t purchase skilling gear from township because there is no space. Just double it. 2. The expansion increased the mastery xp pool amount instead of adding additional rewards. Got a couple skills to 99 so I bought the expansion. Now all of the skills that weren’t 99 have a handicap because the mastery pool increased and I lost a lot of my passive bonuses. This was a glaringly bad idea. If they fix these issues holding back gameplay then it’s a 5 star game. The bank space one is just so obvious it’s kind of annoying they have it this way in the first place.

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8 months ago, RLeighA

Used to be fantastic

I got into Melvore Idle way back around when it was first released. It was rough around the edges, but you could easily see the potential, and I was happy to be a part of its early development. I stopped playing for a while because life happens, but I looked forward to having the time to get back into it some day. Fast forward to today when I reinstalled it to see the progress, and imagine my horror when I saw that around half of the previously-free content was now locked behind a paywall. A huge amount of content is now no longer available unless you spend money—and that’s not even considering the cost of the DLC. I’m not opposed to creators funding their livelihood through premium content, but when you take away the content that you once offered for free, you lose all of my support. I will happily watch ads and purchase new content packs to support developers, but I will never support the removal of basic features for the sake of pushing players to spend.

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2 years ago, DestroyerX6

5* for gameplay but 3* because of shady marketing

I’ve been playing Melvor daily for about 2 months now. Originally bought it on my PC through Steam. Then downloaded it on my phone to level skills when I wasn’t on pc. No complaints, very addictive. Then I get on today to train skills I’ve been training for weeks only to be told I’m in the “Demo Mode” and I’m locked out of skills I’ve been training (some of which I have gotten to 99 just on my phone) and I have to pay $10 to unlock them. Yet I already own the game on steam. Not sure how you can let people download for feee with no paywall and not mention anything about it being a demo then locking them out of parts of the game they’ve been playing. Probably won’t be playing much at all now as I don’t play it on pc much since mobile was way more convenient. If I’m going to play on my PC I’m going to be playing the real OSRS. I don’t plan on buying the game a second time.. Pretty lame

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2 years ago, Mordin 'the man' solus

RuneScape idle

I’ve had this game for a few days now and am enjoying it a lot. I tend to play an idle for about a week and get bored and delete it. This will be a different story though. I use to heavily play RuneScape back in the day (from 2003-present) with the last couple of years not having time sitting down to play due to being an adult. This brought a ton of nostalgia and is very easy to set a skill and essentially afk it for a few hours to come back and check on the progress. I upgraded to the premium to get all the skills. I am running 5 different characters having them all focus on different skills to see how they all work. Most of the skills are identical to RS in progress/tiers. I have not dived into combat yet though. Thanks Jagex for another fantastic game!

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4 years ago, Yessssss764

Amazing for rs lovers and better than most idle games on mobile

(For people with issues with ads are you sure you can’t just tap an x to close it? Because I can) I found this while I was trying out the new rs3 skill finally. This idle game kept me from getting back into my rs addiction with a fun less time consuming but still addictive alternative. It’s got way more depth in it than most idle games. The app is a bit buggy. For example, sometimes I need to open the app twice to get it to load. Sometimes offline progress doesn’t work super well. I tend to have random logs in my bank. That being said it’s an amazing concept and I suggest support the maker since they’re working hard to update it constantly. Great for rs nerds and great for anyone else tbh.

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3 years ago, Sironne

Fun distraction.

I have “played” a number of clicker games such as cookie clicker and clicker hero’s. I think is game hits a sweet spot. It is a incremental game that proceeds while you are off line, but the whole time you are building a character up to eventually be able to raid dungeons. Like a good rpg, the way you go about this is variable. Do you grow trees? Rob various npc’s? Fish. Cook? The list goes on. I like to pretend I am guiding this character through his adventures. I think I spent about 5 bucks for this game, a real bargain! And content is still coming out. Oh, and the globin raid is a great way to see some of the goodies that your character will eventually acquire. Well designed game! Now, some mild sound effects and a riveting music score and I think this game could be a classic.

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2 years ago, meep the fish

Amazing game

I’ve been playing this game for about a week. I love RuneScape and since I don’t have the time to put in it like I did when I was a kid, this is a great alternative. It’s super easy and satisfying. The only things I would love to see is maybe somehow incorporate a avatar doing the skills. This would give it a new perspective for example the character fishing, mining, combat, etc. It would be cool to customize the character too and see the armor and gear. Another feature would be awesome to put a few of the songs from RuneScape. I love the nostalgia feeling of listening to Garden, Wander, Dream and the other great songs you guys made. Thank you for making this game so easy to play and enjoy. I feel you can definitely get $10 worth out of it.

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2 years ago, Capmal

Best Idle Game Ever

First of all, I used to be an old RuneScape player years ago. I only recently found out about this game and absolutely enjoy it. It takes the best stuff from RuneScape and removes the worst, such as no more competing for resources and you no longer have to waste time traveling. Also, it’s like playing RuneScape with a bot, like telling it to mine an ore until you tell it to stop. Sure, not all the skills are available in the f2p but you can do everything in those free skills unlike RuneScape. I’m sorry but if your complaining about the one time $10 fee to open the rest of the game, then you’re an idiot. That’s a bargain compared to RuneScape. Once I get done with most of the f2p skills, I plan on paying for the rest. Fantastic game!

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4 years ago, VacantField42

Greatest Game to Play, esp during C19

Addicting. Fun AF. Seriously intense. The thought that Mali’s went into creating this Melvor Universe and how he keeps growing the game—which is totally free, btw—is nothing short of a lover for rpg creating the first modern rpg replacement since Rogue & Nethack. I was previously obsessed with another free, and still awesome game, but since July, I play Melvor Idle non-stop...and if I want to try out or go back to other games, Malcs created a very cool system to work on your skills offline... Don’t let the word “Idle” deter you, as it almost did me...this complex and long playing adventure, is not one of those tap idle boring games. Strategy, surprises, complex, yet simplistic build outs, featuring your preferred style of dungeoneering: Meleé, Ranged, or the humor, updated quests, Easter eggs and way more, makes this game a MUST PLAY. No hidden fees, ads to watch...You can donate to open up a more of your screen area, but, seriously, Malcs has created an entire group of Melvor fans that often comment, create spreadsheets and debated topics on the many pathways to complete the game. You will become addicted and you will be playing it for a very long time. Much Love to Malcs

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2 years ago, calm3rwat3rs

Best ever idle game ever

I literally play this version only i left RS3 for this game. I want to see a GE marketplace in game but the game is still newerish as of writing but honestly this is hands diwn the best version of runescape. Im a very loyal day one premium player. Theres so much to do and so much to progress but so fun, addicting and worth it. Graphics are simple but very smooth and gameplay and functions are always operational and up to date. Thx devs. 😉 im a long term player and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great simple mobile full on idle mmorpg game. Player base has been growing alot too so i cant wait for competitive pvp and GE to come out. What an incredible game. Ty so much for this. Been waiting years for a idle and mobile RS version

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2 years ago, NicknameUnique7473625

Update breaks app

Love the gameplay and content of the new update, but the app freezes constantly now. It will often hang when opening a new file from the cloud and keep you locked at the AFK results screen until you force close. There’s also an extremely frustrating bug where you open the side menu by sliding it out from the left and try to scroll around on it, but instead it keeps scrolling whatever screen is underneath it. This allows you to interact with the screen underneath as well, up to and including unchecking a box that allows you to eat food automatically on your hardcore character… glad I caught that one before your broken game deleted a few months worth of my effort. Great game all around, but the lack of polish on this update really hurts the experience if you play mostly on mobile.

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4 years ago, stewiepanda

Great game and an idea!

The game is wonderful. I can set it to a task and do my schoolwork. Takes less than 20 seconds to check whats going on and go. Idea: Agility could be added by making “runs to the bank” higher agility decreases time to and from bank. For example, you could add an inventory and when it fills up, you make a run to a nearby bank to deposit automatically. Upgrading your agility would make this task faster and more efficient. Let’s say you are woodcutting and can hold 24 logs... so the bar turns yellow with a little bank symbol. The bar fills up as your character gets to the bank and back. This would add another upgradable item in the shop... inventory space. Could start us off with 10 slots and we upgrade as we earn GP.

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2 years ago, The Kessig Den


I’ve been playing this game ever since it was first available. Throughout its beta, you had access to everything in the game. I had gotten 99’s in almost everything and put the game down for awhile. Then it released and I decided to check out all the cool new things. It’s awesome I still have my same character, but half the skills are now locked unless you pay for it. All the skills I need to work on are now locked. I was a range pure as well, guess what is also locked, RANGED COMBAT. The character I have spent many many months on is now useless and I can’t proceed to do anything else since what I do have unlocked is already 99. I loved this game but I can’t play it after knowing I either need to start over or pay $10 just to unlock all the stuff I had access to before for a long time.

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1 year ago, Doc Nailer

Checks the boxes, but would you kindly….

Like most have said in some way, it checks all the boxes for an in-depth 3D rpg, condensed into a 2D app with minimalist’s in mind. Only thing I’d think of adding is a “Perma-death Adventure Mode” that starts you with nothing with the same or tweaked settings the developer chooses from Adventure Mode. This would give more weight to your decisions and would make the game last a bit longer for those of use who want a bit with our progression and experience. And could you add an option to flip the menus from right to left? It’s easily played with one hand, but not when the menus are only on the right. Great work, and and easy sell for an enjoyable game.

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3 years ago, TheScoundral

Great idle game to download

This is a great game through and through. I have been playing the game since it’s early days and it’s only been getting better. Through the addition of skills and reworking skills so they can be more enjoyable, I think the developers are on a very good path with this game. If you like progression and climbing tiers then this is the game you want to play. One small minor thing I would like added to the game is a tier list added to the combat skill tabs. In the skilling tabs, there tier list is shown as the medallion in the bottom right corner. The combat one doesn’t seem to have that and it’s hard to find that list. Besides that this is a great game and I will continue to support.

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2 years ago, Nafisdewji

Amazing Idle! Well worth the money

The new expansion just dropped today and honestly for the time I’ve put in, with only a little bit of money, its the best bang of the buck I’ve ever purchased! I couldn’t be happier supporting this team and all the hard work they put into this. Great game and great content for those of use who used to play RuneScape back in the day. The team constantly does updates based on feedback and with the new expansion it’s as if its a brand new game again. I know I’ll be playing for a long time into the future. With a busy life this is the perfect pick it up in the morning and check it before going to bed type of idle! Thanks again for the fun!

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2 years ago, KingHuntman

Best idle game out there

I have played this game over a year and a half and have 3 different saves, a normal a adventure and a hardcore character. I have yet to reach 100% completion on my normal character. Once you get going you can just afk every 18 hours if that’s what you want till you hit offline cap. Coming back after 18 hours if you do choose that way you just pick up where you left off. Developers are constantly updating the game over and open massive expansions planned for a 10 dollar game if you choose to upgrade it is highly recommended if you enjoying feeling you are progressing every day you will always get something done.

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2 years ago, LadybugOnAco*keCan

Best idle game you will ever play

Got this game because I’m a fan of RuneScape and hearing it was based off it made me hooked, I spent days ignoring real life problems and situations and friends to play this game. My friends say I have a problem but frankly I think they have a problem for not playing this game and I think you have a problem too for not playing this game. Here’s a few good reasons. The game is free, you get the idle incremental gameplay you expect from an idle game but with updates here and there. The full price is a one time payment and you get so much from it that if you’re casually playing it, you can easily spend a year playing. The full game comes with 2 other game modes if you think you’re up for strategic idling. You don’t have to play and be limited by a small timer and it stops, this game gives you 18 hours of idle before it stops you. That’s a lot of idle. Anyway I have to go, the wife wants me to sign some papers with “divorce” on it. Saying that I play this game more than I notice her, not my fault this is an amazing idle game.

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4 years ago, Benji 3.0


Great game. Takes the completionist appeal of “one specific game” and turns it into a fun idler. TL;DR I’m loving the game. But the layouts have some hierarchy and consistency issues which make it hard to know what I’m looking at and how to start a skill. Some suggestions: Make “start/stop action” more consistent across every skill. Right now it’s a little scattered on where you actually tap to start a skill. Maybe just a button right on top. The combat screen is a little scattered, and many of the different combat modes just bring you to the same screen, leaving you curious if the button worked or if it’s bugged. I understand why it’s laid out that way, but I would explore different ways of phrasing buttons or menus. Maybe a “combat” button in the menu with a description of “trains STR/DEF/etc” on the page instead of having each separate STR/DEF/etc button bring you to the same general combat screen. Maybe a large “combat” button with a subtitle inside it that lists the various skills. The first idea could be how you tie everything together. General, grouped buttons on the side, with descriptions on the top, and a start/stop button just below the description. I’ll keep this updated as the game goes :)

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4 years ago, ElijahFatz

Hands down the best idle game I’ve ever played

I don’t normally write reviews but these devs deserve some recognition. Not only is this the best idle game I’ve ever played it’s the best mobile game. A game I can play for a couple minutes here and there, but with enough depth to keep me playing for months. I was hesitant at first because every mobile game I’ve played apart from premium triple A games that you pay 10+ dollars for have had a predatory business model. This game however goes back to the roots of what game making should be. If you put out a quality game it will do well and be received by others. I would pay to support these people any day. Thank you for the well made, well thought out game.

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2 years ago, Xenith N

“Full version”

I had really loved this game. I had played it before the Jagex Team (who runs RuneScape) bought them out and played it on the off hours when I wasn’t busy and let it build up my skills when I was at work. The game was FANTASIC… it kept my skills and didn’t lock the others… but after I went to bed the other day and reopened it this morning (Juneteenth) and for some reason my account got “locked” behind the “free” version… and honestly, I’m just done. — no point supporting a game that was INTENTIONALLY free and get locked behind something that originally had built up… I get this was based off the “RuneScape” game… but this is just terrible changes from the new developer (jagex) — I’m at the point of deciding to uninstall… I am NOT a fan of these new changes. I really don’t like when game devs do this crap just to gain a quick buck. It was a fun journey Melvor… but this “adventure” ends here.

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3 years ago, K. Eisele

I never write reviews. This made me write one.

I realize I’m a weird one - but this game captures something I loved about games like RuneScape. A million skills to train and each affects different things you do in the game. You learn as you go - it’s way more fun to just start chopping some wood at first and leave it alone for a while - racking up coal in the fire making skill from burning logs - then feeling rewarded when all that coal gets put to good use smelting. It’s a cool eco system to just check in on a few times a day. Fights have been challenging so far - reminding me of the skills and materials I’ve neglected. I don’t have another game like this one, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

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3 years ago, SlitherMare

A TRUE Idle game!

I downloaded Melvor Idle yesterday and I am loving it! So many skills to master and you are always making progress! The user interface is very friendly and there are plenty of non-intrusive hints and tutorials to help you along the way! The ONLY In-App purchase is to remove the ads. The ads are non-intrusive and I hardly noticed them, however I did pay to remove the ads because I greatly appreciate all the time and care put into creating this elegant and rewarding idle game experience! Note to the Dev: After I had started playing, I went to “Settings” to try and sign into Melvor Cloud. I had not yet created an account and I was unable to back out of the Melvor Cloud login screen. There was not a link within that particular window to create an account. I restarted the app and I was able to create an account using the “Sign into Melvor Cloud” button above the character select and everything synced up! Just wanted to let you know about that bug with that particular “Melvor Cloud” login within the settings menu. Cheers!

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3 years ago, Few me on me

Your not RuneScape.

I loved this game. Still do. I think it is a very interesting idea and take for an idle/text based RuneScape. It’s obvious inspirations. All good and dandy. But what I mean, 10 dollars for premium? That is straight hog wash. Sincerely a bad move. Introducing an ad free option, sure. But you made a different move. I’ll repeat. You are not RuneScape. You took the inspiration too far. Now copying their member and non member format. Nah. You guys lost me. 10 bucks Is not much. But this game is not worth 10 dollars, at least in the way you are going about it. And sense you know, your road map seems to have been abandoned. ** It is obvious to see now that this was a cash grab from the start. You started slow, built people’s interest and time. Then boom, pay for access to practically the whole game. Let’s hope you don’t make more then a purchase. You sir, are a degenerate scam artist.

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2 years ago, Ds230290

10$ to play way was originally free

I had started playing Melvor idle when it was pretty early in development and enjoying the RuneScape inspired aspects of the game and how many different things I could level and earn. I had stopped playing for a while but saw that this game was eventually picked up by Jagex. I was honestly pretty happy for the original developer(s). But now that I logged back in hoping to continue a lost and forgotten grind to see that everything I had worked hard for previously is now locked behind a pay wall is B.S. I’m really disappointed with the direction this game took I had never got the chance to play RuneScape as a premium member as a kid so I thought I could see what I missed out on. Guess not. Guess I’ll uninstall and go back to Cookie Clicker or AdVenture Capitalist

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4 years ago, O'dragnil

Almost all good

I rarely ever write reviews but I’m writing this in hopes that the creators see a but of advice. I love the game and I especially appreciate that the game can be on the computer. My only gripe has to do with any skill that deduct health. For whatever reason, if I try to idle Attack, Thieving, Defense, etc, the second that I click off to let it run it stops the progress. This is the same if I switch tabs for a second on the browser. Another thing is I think it might be best to come up with your own names for items and materials since they’re so close to RuneScape that the game might get in trouble in the future. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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2 years ago, xtczr

Update! 5 star

Bugs were fixed and I can login! Thanks so much to the person/team who fixed this! I’m back to the grind! Love this game! It is $10 which people are complaining about…I chose to spend the $10 because I believe I’m getting WAAAY more than $10 out of my time spent on the game. I spend about 1 hour every day on the game…which over 30 days of constant play makes it very much worth it for me. Also…just a heads up…I strongly recommend if you’re gonna take this game somewhat serious and have fun doing combat…you’ll need to spend the $10 potions are insanely beneficial

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2 years ago, Alpharat53

Fun but too expensive

I’ve played the free version for a while and it’s very clearly a fun game, but it’s frustrating how you either choose between less than half of the game’s total content or paying $10 for a mobile idle game. I understand the devs need some kind of revenue, but please, please consider lowering the price. I guarantee that lots of people like me like the game enough to justify buying it but are scared off by the price tag. If you lower it then more people will buy. Most mobile games are $5 which seems like a very reasonable price to me. The most popular exception is minecraft, but then again there’s so much content in minecraft that the price tag is justified. The game is good, but put simply it isn’t $10 good.

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2 years ago, Hatshepsutt

Probably the finest idle game ever produced

I have played many idle games before. None have been able to surpass the variety of content that this game offers. Though it does come with a price for the full release, it is well worth the $10 for the base game. I’ve yet to reach the expansion content, but from what I’ve seen from goblin raid and the new town keeping skill, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. They also have mod support directly with a mod manager directly in the UI. And to top off they provide regular content and bug fixes through updates; all without a single micro transaction.

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3 years ago, Jaded_One

Pay to play $$$

This was one of the best idle games ever made. Had everything a RuneScape fan is looking for. The format and functionality of the game was on point, still is honestly. But since the newest update over half of all skills are now locked. You can not truly play this game anymore unless you can afford to pay. They are a “business” after all I suppose but I figured that’s why there were ads in the game and the option to pay to remove them, but ultimately you could still play.. not anymore. You MUST pay to play now :(… just deleting this game now… was fun and I hope the creator makes the money he/she is looking for, just it will not be made from me. Got to make that money with the forced ads and I can not contribute anything more. Sad I wasted so many hours on this game just for this to happen :/…

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4 years ago, Oh yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Love it!

I’ve been playing for about a week now and just love the progression of all the systems. I pretty much only play idle games and this is at the top of my list. I know it’s still being worked on but a few suggestions, I’ve been having trouble seeing what prayers do because the info blip only stays a split second before it activates a prayer. The only other thing is when you click gear in the gear menu and it unequips it, usually it’s not a problem but when it is, is when I’m trying to see stats before switching gear. Other then those two things I adore it I’ll be continuing to play and see what you guys do with it!

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4 years ago, Aerodynamo

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Seemed like a clean game with lots of numbers to raise and tasks to complete. Right up my alley! What I got instead was a janky user experience and lots of different design decisions from screen to screen adding up to a game that, while admittedly incomplete, feels like it has no idea what it is trying to be. Forgivable, I thought, since it’s in alpha. On second launch I was shown ugly ads at the top and bottom of the page. So much for a clean interface! You want to crowdsource alpha testing AND show ads to your users? Pretty shameful. There are tactful ways to display ads and tactful ways to release a game before completion. The developer of this did neither. The craziest part is that based on the App Store screenshots alone I would have paid for this app. The world needs a clean idle game with lots of levers to pull and buttons to push. Unfortunately, this is not that game.

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4 years ago, MysticPendragon

Very solid game

Honestly such a well put together game that feels like you're playing text-based old school runescape, but without the crazy grind that osrs requires. I'd love to see an update that implements interacting with items within your bank. i.e. If you tap on rune essence it brings up an additional option to go to the runecrafting screen so I don't have to click on menu to go scroll through runecrafting. Same with hides within your bank to bring you to the crafting screen automatically. Anyways, great game over all, I definitely recommend to give it a go!

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4 years ago, rock_lobsterrr

Hands down best incremental game I’ve ever played

I’ve played a lot of them... probably most of them. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. I usually the guy that finds a “beginners guide” right away and follows that. I’m not doing that with this game and it’s making it exponentially more fun. Could I be more efficient? Probably... but I’m learning the game in my terms and I love it. Their wiki is also a great resource when you get confused which happens occasionally. But let me clarify that getting confused is a good thing. Shout out to the dev/s. Thanks for all the fun and I look forward to continue to support you. This game is seriously the best!

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3 years ago, Ioving music :D

Is there better?

Let me start with: The game didn’t ask me “How are you enjoying the game” like MANY other games do. It gets better. I almost never review games, but it doesn’t even give you pop up video ads... So I had to, and if you’re still not convinced the game is definitely worth downloading, this might convince you.. It’s basically the Idle version of RuneScape.. I haven’t put my phone down all day.. The only thing I would say needs help is me, putting my phone down for more than 20 seconds. Sorry for the long review. For anyone that didn’t read the whole thing: JUST DOWNLOAD IT. YOU’RE WELCOME. MALCS, YOU ARE A GENIUS!

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4 years ago, AModest---

Fun Sometimes

This game in and of itself is pretty fun, and I can see that it has a lot of potential. I love that it has so many skills and that you can make multiple characters. If everything else worked well this game would absolutely have a 5/5. That being said my game crashes about 75% of the time, and it’s really frustrating. I’ll load into one of my two characters, switch to another tab (bank, skill, combat, etc.), and POOF it crashes and sends me to the main screen. The icing on this crap cake is sometimes when it crashes it will take whatever I was working on with it. (RIP 5k lobbies, countless rune essence, and 3k steel bars). As soon as developers can fix this bug, I will genuinely switch my rating to the five stars that this game deserves. Happy playing and good luck!

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1 year ago, Morgan Germani

Love it! Just one suggestion

I love this game! Finally bought it plus the expansion which is amazing as it adds so much more content I didn’t even know I wanted. One thing I’d like to suggest though is to update the quick equip menu to include superior skillcapes. Ideally, if you have a superior skillcape, it should only show the superior version and not the 99 version. This would help so much instead of always having to switch back to my bank for it plus I don’t like seeing the old skillcape that I sold still in the quick equip menu.

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2 years ago, BlewperDooper

Read this review.

i have to say that this is one of the best mobile games out there, and DEFINITELY the best idle game. Even though it is an idle game, there’s room for more active players, and I would say this game is the most fun when you check on it every 10-45 minutes. Of course in the early game its more fun to be more active. There is SO MUCH CONTENT in this game, even without the dlc. I got the dlc, but I’ve barely touched it (cuz I don’t understand most of it) and I’m still having the time of my life with this game. If you’re judging whether or not to get it, you should.

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3 years ago, Nicole Libby

Great game

I must admit, this is the 2nd time I downloaded the game. The first time I thought it was kinda dumb, there was no direction, I didn’t know what to do so I deleted it within 15 min. A few days later I gave it another try. I’m so glad I did! The depth and flexibility it so great. There’s a time for AFK, and things you need a more active game for. There’s no direct linear path, just a rough direction of what to do, just wonderful. I’d add some sort of explanation of what to do, though. There’s a wiki, sure, but I was lucky enough to give it a 2nd try. Who’s knows how many would not come back…

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3 years ago, happycat33

'the' game for me

This game is heaven sent. I love it. I can fight all day and fish all night, all the while farming. OR I can do a multitude of other things, whatever my heart's desire. There are many skills to level up, many goals to obtain.. or not. I love carving my own path. This game fits to a tee. It's fun and it really stratches an itch. One of the biggest draws, I can maintain quality of life while playing. I can lay it down and let it cook or I can get lost in it for a couple hours, total freedom. I appreciate the simplicity, the complexity, the artwork and the subtle humor. Beautiful idle game. This here's a real gem boys.

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2 years ago, Kinjubasi19

Great Game…Loads of Potential

While it makes RuneScape into an idle game it’s still a game within itself with tons to do and crazy amounts of potential if taken in the right direction. Would love to see some type of choose your own adventure type quests or something along those lines…One suggest though, It would help if we could change equipment from the actual equipment screen instead of only being able to equip items from the bank, this makes you take your attention away from battles.

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3 years ago, Kendama Gang

Best Idle I’ve Played

This is so true to RS, it makes you feel like your a lvl 3 starting in kumbridge 😁, the difference is the skills are much easier so you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of active hours. They have Barbarian Fishing which is an amazing way to get strength up without being in combat, which leads me to my next favorite thing so far which is their combat and slayer systems. As far as I know the combat is active (obviously) and the NPCs all have their drop tables readily available so you don’t have to go searching the Wiki, which they also have! 10/10 would recommend

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4 years ago, SmoothWeed69

Hey love the game pls pls fix

So just wanna day this the first review I ever done for a game 😂 but this game is Grindy it’s an afk runescape and it’s free it’s a great idea but so for various items you can afk like right now I’m grinding smithing (mining and smithing for that gold ) but when I randomly check on it to see my loot or for it to mine something else or smith or any skill actually (that’s afk able ) it stops out of no where like idk what causes it to stop I don’t close the app or anything pls look into 🤙🏼 but only reason it’s getting a 4 star if you fix this I’ll give it a 5 star 🙂 but amazing game thanks for putting your hard work into this 🤙🏼

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Inspired by RuneScape, Melvor Idle takes the core of what makes an adventure game so addictive and strips it down to its purest form! Melvor Idle is a feature-rich, idle/incremental game combining a distinctly familiar feel with a fresh gameplay experience. Maxing 20+ skills has never been more zen. Face off against 100+ monsters using your Melee, Ranged and Magic skills. Conquering brutal dungeons and toppling boisterous bosses has never been quite like this before… Whether you’re a RuneScape newbie, a hardened veteran, or simply someone looking for a deep but accessible adventure that easily fits around a busy lifestyle, Melvor is an addictive idle experience unlike any other. Features include: • A RuneScape-inspired experience suitable for veterans and newcomers alike. • In-depth and endless Combat system featuring 8 dedicated Skills, countless dungeons, bosses to vanquish and lore to unearth. • Deep but accessible systems featuring 15 non-Combat Skills to train, all with individual mechanics and interactions. • Fully featured and interactive Bank/Inventory System. • Over 1,100 items for you to discover and utilise. • 40+ decidedly cute Pets to collect. • Cloud saving functionality that is compatible across all platforms. This game requires an internet connection to play.

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Melvor Idle iOS App: Stats & Benchmarks • SplitMetrics (2024)


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