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's for a speed to renew the threat was there and now it is

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being carried out manhattan district attorney has now filed a motion to hold former president trump and contempt of court claiming he violated the gag order from the judge and didn't like imposed on him by publishing three social media posts relating to two known witnesses and his criminal trial here new york. >> harris: with michael cohen and stormy daniels. they're urging the manhattan judge to also warn donald trump that future violations of this gag order can be punished not only with additional funds but with the term of incarceration of up to 30 days. it is only tuesday, day two of the trial. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner here with emily compagno. joining us today is from "fox & friends," rachel campos duffy, and fox news contributor

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board certified physician and author of the new hip book "love bomb" dr nicole saphier. also host of the ben ferguson podcast, with ted cruz parker hesse, ben ferguson himself. all great stuff you have to put your life. let us go straight to eric shawn who is life outside the new york state supreme court with more on the jury selection which were not successful yesterday, they kicked up within 50 people yesterday after looking at 96 people. >> yes, there was more than half kicked out. the lawyers are questioning the potential jurors as they sit in the jury box. it does not seem like it is going any better than it is yesterday. we find out that the district attorney wants to hold the former president in contempt of court. filing a motion that could actually seek the president going behind bars if it continues and not cut it out.

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it brings a motion to court asking that the president be held in contempt and it centers on three social media posts that the former president made recently. the prosecutor says that they are in violations of the gag order. the office is demanding that trump be fined $1,000 for each of these closings where he attacked michael cohen and stormy daniels. he called them "to sleazebags have cost our country dearly." they say that this court should one defended the future violations of the court's restriction on extrajudicial statement can be punished not only with additional fines but also with a term of incarceration of up to 30 days. >> we have a judge who is totally conflicted. but this is a trial that

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should've never happened. today4 potential jurors have been excused and six said they could not fairly and impersonally judge the former president. one man who is originally from texas that he could not be fair because they have a lot of republican friends. a woman said that trump is being treated fairly and she told the court that no one is above the law. they told fox news this morning that she thinks the opinion among the jury people are fairly split about the president. she was surprised about that considering this is a democratic manhattan. a 29-year-old told us that as far as she was concerned she is not a fan of the former president and she excused because of a work conflict. >> harris: that is a lot of information for someone who went through the process of jerry

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selection. wow. thank you so much great reporting. so emily. the 29-year-old, she is off the list and 50 other people -- 14 also cannot be impartial but she decided that it was because of her work commitments. but it is interesting how many people are saying they cannot be impartial but it's not shocking to you. >> emily: yes, i live here as well which is why i have difficulty not being impartial because this whole thing is absurd and normal americans can see through this immediately. it hearkens back for me the boston marathon, where was the largest pool in history and the motion to move the venue arguing that there's no way the person is going to get a fair trial here they responded that if he is not going to get a fair trial here he wouldn't get a fair trial anyway. the whole point is when they are enough americans who are going

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through that rigorous process that this judge has said is the most thorough questionnaire they've ever seen, and they have faith in that process and it will spit out a group of impartial americans who are dedicated to doing the job. the reason why they are saying incarceration is because the prosecution is arguing that this rises to a criminal level, they feel that trump will not stop violating the gag order unless he is incarcerated in naches given a bunch of fines. so this is a punitive decision if the judge indeed goes through with it. i have been at a million scheduled hearings where criminal and civil where of many things come into play and the judge acquiesces including letting prisoners out to attend such things such as funerals or anything the like. so if he is not able to attend the high school graduation it is

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punitive and it has no place here somewhere in manhattan. >> harris: so, ben i am sure you are seeing that particular issue as well, will trump tempt the judge and say do what you got to do i'm going? >> ben: possibly. but if you are looking at the facts as trump, and 90% of the people in the jury pool has voted against you, you have a judge who is giving donations to democrats and the daughter worked for kamala harris, and you also have people who have raised over a hundred thousand dollars saying if you go with me i am going after trump. if you walk into that room and it's already stacked against you, there's a certain point where you say okay, if you are going to do it this way i am going to go to my son's graduation and if you are going to lock me up for that then go ahead and do it.

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because i think it is insane we are having this conversation, but i also tells you how much they are going after him. and the highlight for me and what makes me the most angry is the fact that the president is in pennsylvania raising money right now while they have tied up trump in court right now, and that his election interference. >> nicole: to ben point, i am going to talk about the gag order. it is the most un-american thing i've ever seen. but on the flip side you have the judge's daughter who has a high level executive of a digital media company that is taking tens of millions of dollars not just from kamala harris but many other democrats. and that is how she gets her bread-and-butter so you are silencing trump on the family of the judge and the dea, but you are not sentencing the family against the former president himself. it is very un-american and if you cannot acknowledge that bias that you are paying attention.

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>> harris: allow me to get to this before i come to you ra rachel, they talked about the gag order on the faulkner focus is today let's watch. >> yet there is no gag order when it comes to michael cohen but there is one for trump. the reason why this is important is because michael cohen can do media interviews and say whatever he wants without consequences because he is not under perjury, and so that is problem number one. number two is as we speak, prosecutors are currently trying to get the judge to hold trump in contempt for violating his gag order. it's only applicable to the witnesses so he can talk about the judge also other people but not the witnesses. to your point, harris, the start witness is hinged on one person who is a known liar, it makes it frustrating for a defendant cannot talk about it.

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>> harris: she predicted this and it happened less than 24 hours later. she shot it coming. trump is in a box. and i wonder if americans realize what is happening? how would you describe it? >> rachel: i think they do. to your point about the election interference, they are trying to put donald trump at the same speed as joe biden. they want to tie them up in court and make sure he cannot do valleys until 9:00 at night because he has to be in court al day. they are trying to demoralize him by saying you cannot go to your child's graduation and treating him like he is a criminal. all of these things are unfair, and to your point i do think the american people know this. i think they believe this is not the country the group grew up in. in fact this feel super communists and when donald trump brings up the point about communism he is right. you talk about the jury, put in

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a hispanic who has lived in those type of countries, and they will probably vote in favor of trump and how absolutely unjust this is. this is unbelievable and does not feel like america and the american people are going to notice. maybe not the people in manhattan but people who are voting are seeing this for what it is. >> harris: you heard that there was one jury person who had a conflict with her job but could not also be impartial. it was split inside with that processing room for prospective jurors. some were first thing in belief they could before but more than half said no we do not think we can be fair. to your point they'll have life history. we may not know the details but people understand that they should exit stage left. coming up, the democratic party is funding protesters behind the "death to america" chant.

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>> shocking scenes from anti-israel protests erupting across our country. a new york city protesters flooded the streets setting american friends and fire. >> a medical today. >> america false today. false today.

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>> emily: once again the frightening chant could be heard on our very own soil. yesterday the protests are coast-to-coast and we are now learning that the democratic party is funding these protesters. we live in los angeles with more. >> what happened on the golden gate bridge yesterday was illegal and "incredibly dangerous" they are recommending charges against the protesters and some of those charges could be serious. this was the scene yesterday as the pro-palestine activists chained themselves to each other and to several vehicles and held up signs saying stop the world for gaza. you can see here is a effective shutdown on both directions on the bridge for five hours. california highway patrol

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released this new image showing how the protesters bound themselves to each other using pvc pipes. they tell fox news that more than 20 of the protesters were arrested there and the san francisco d8 may charge them with more serious offenses. that includes false imprisonment unlawful assembly, conspiracy, and stopping at a bridge. meanwhile, anti-israel protesters blocked the highway leading into an airport causing commuters to get out of their cars with their luggage and walk a long distance and an effort to try and catch their flights. chicago pd confirmed that almost 40 protesters there were arrested as well. all of these anti-israel protesters who were arrested in these coordinated protests yesterday may get a helping hand for democratic party and their dark money. this website directs users to a

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fair and legal defense fund through acts blue, that is the democratic party's online fund-raising powerhouse. it asked people to donate here to support community members who are criminalizing the united states for their solidarity with palestine. some of the protesters went to extreme lengths to make themselves difficult to remove. and oakland, california highway patrol said that the protesters in the road chained themselves to 55-gallon barrels filled with cement and then set their arms and then in pvc pipe to get themselves back in there. that is why it took them so long to get them off the roads. sending it back to you. >> emily: thank you so much. bring in the conversation back into the room, rachel, these protesters chained themselves to 50-gallon drums. the hostages are still chained to the wall and they claim they are being criminalized for solidarity with palestine? >> rachel: this is killing me that this is on our soil right now.

9:20 am

they have the audacity to be complaining that they are arrested for shutting down bridges or risking the lives and livelihood of so many -- not knowing anything they are talking about. it's a fascinating report. one of the most menacing destructive forces in america. the dark money behind bailing out many of these people, but think about this two-tiered system of justice. we talked about trump facing several hundred years in jail, but a murder only faces 25 years, adding up all these charges, this two-tiered version of justice. these people are built that and they are screaming "death to america" was the fbi? but they have put a woman in jail for praying outside of the u.s. capitol because she thought that the election was a little bit shady and probably half the country thinks that. this is a two-tier system of

9:21 am

justice you. >> ben: do you remember those parents who were put on terrorist watch list? i wonder if anyone who has any of these protests on a terrorist watch list because the federal government says hey they are chainedeath to america, death to israel, is there a chance they are on a terrorist watch list? probably not. >> emily: i am sure i am on the terrorist list. i am pro-life, catholic, both of the type of things that people are going after it is shameful. >> what a luxury for these people to during a workday to chained themselves and stop traffic and burn american flags, and disrupt the entire universe for all of those hours. what a luxury they have to do that in this country even though they took full advantage of it for far too long.

9:22 am

>> nicole: my heart aches for people who are watching these videos, but here in the united states the supreme court says you have the freedom that is protected by the first amendment to burn that flag. do you know where you cannot do that? two people who were arrested in 2015 who ran the issue on the in-flight -- and hamas does not take kindly to people in gaza i either like united states -- by all means go there and wait to see what happens if you start burning flags around there? >> harris: how is any of this feeding the people in palestinian encampments right now? where they have been pushed into waiting for food to arrive to them. the thing that all of these protesters start at eight weeks ago were saying they cared about. saving the men and women, and also belief and support in gaza. how does this feed one

9:23 am

palestinian? it doesn't. how does this help rescue, not that they care about the hostages that were taken, but how does this help anybody who is in the hands of the bloodthirsty terrorists that run the country? or where the palestinians live? this doesn't help anybody, these are people who will go to an envelope opening if you told them it would make me feel like it belongs to something because they feel like they have been left out of the world that includes their own ability to cancel anybody who breeds differently. the world we live in now where it snows all day long because there's no snowflakes amongst us at all times -- so when you break the law why would you expect special treatment? you are getting it all the time. by breathing the same air for people who defend the country who were breathing. and what you said, what you said about a heart on fire for those who actually serve, i am right

9:24 am

there with you. alexander, and his son who has taken over. he is not to be much more of the next level as the case. keep your eyes on his money it has a new head. >> if he is at the country is falling apart and it is by design and it's being funded and that is when we need to put our focus. >> emily: that is what we saw yesterday all of those images. coming up katie couric says that she knows why trump has support. we will tell you why coming up next but even though time has passed, his risk of a second attack hasn't. mike is still living in the red. with a very high risk of another heart attack or stroke. he doesn't know with his risk factors his ldl-c (bad cholesterol) is still too high - the recommended level is below 55. are you living in the red? get in the know. learn how to get a free ldl-c test

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9:29 am

is katie couric, she says the former president trump, his supporters are being driven by antiintellectual is him and class resentment. watch this. >> the social economic disparities are a lot, and class resentment is a lot -- and also the anti-intellectualism and elitism is what is driving many of these antiestablishment, which are the 14 voters, so , i think that is a huge problem that we have to address, these -- i don't know if you've ever been jealous of what somebody else has or been resentful? it is such a corroding and better -- almost bio feeling. >> harris: so, nicole what exactly is she talking about?

9:30 am

>> nicole: first of all, looking at them both in these big armchairs, the whole thing is rather cringeworthy. i am watching this and i am on the extreme of the academic and the educated side but i found myself being offended -- and i don't even know what she's talking about at this point. so i can't imagine what other people are feeling as well, but at the end of the day those who have higher social net max social economic stature, they are not feeling the effects of what is going on, but the crime in the streets in their neighborhood and the cost of things and grocery store -- she talks, these people who are actually suffering and she seems so out of touch with the american people which is what's going on within the entire administration within the white house. >> harris: she sounds in touch with many on the left side who do exactly what nicole has described, look down their nose at people who do not see what

9:31 am

they are experiencing. >> ben: remember the democratic party one on tv for three weeks saying that we need to have deprogramming for trump voters. it was a coordinated effort to say we need to deprogram all of these crazy people. i love this rhetoric because it goes back to the same issue, the people are suffering, the economy stupid, and anyone who disagrees with you is stupid or dumb. then people will show up and vote to say no i am actually concerned about providing with my family. the average family does not have katie couric money who is sitting in her big chair. it does not exist. the average american is struggling to take care of their family and put food on their table and go for retirement one day. and if the left side is saying you disagree with us you need to be deprogram and you are ignorant stupid person, that is

9:32 am

what they believe about trump voters and the entire republican party. >> harris: april 15th is about texas and people taking a look at what they do not have, and many of them all to pay the government even more, talking about punching people in a tender moment. not only are they out of touch but katie couric used to be a great journalist, i am not really sure what lane she is in right now but it sounded like what she wanted to say was a basket of deplorable. >> and that is the message we received. i love that you notice that because i was sitting here full of rage and offended and i realize i needed to calm down and see this as a certain type of situation rather than let this get to me. because it is so repugnant to me of how the media feels and a broad brush everyone who supports trump but no idea what

9:33 am

their back stories are or the love they have for their family and want to be provided for. someone can waltz in and say this is what you are and look down on you. that is the media today and that is what the student has said. >> harris: this is what gave a biden. saying if you don't vote for me and you are a black person, you are not really black. >> emily: this is her deplorable moment. and the mask is off and what you see is a mean girl. she didn't say you were stupid but she also say you were jealous. you are jealous of me, and she was a great journalist but she had zero curiosity. who are these trump voters and why do they think this way? she has zero curiosity the only thing she has to say is i am written i am famous and i have money and you are jealous and you were stupid. no, it actually shows how stupid

9:34 am

she is. >> harris: in my social media i will be reminded with what she was reading. i can see the expose already. no we have not forgotten. coming up, a coalition of major news outlets are urging people now for president biden and trump to commit to presidential debates. actually do it in this election year. ♪ ♪

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9:39 am

it is for president biden. i have tried to get him to debate. i am calling on president biden to debate any time any place we could do it anyway you want president biden. let's discuss the real problems of our country. >> that was trump taking president biden to debate. but he still not has committed to a rematch. 12 major news organizations are urging both candidates to take the stage. that statement reads "if there is one thing americans can agree on during this polarized time it is that the stakes of this election are exceptionally high, and looks that backdrop there is no substitute for the candidates to debate with each other and the 40 american people and divisions for the future of our nation" life under president biden may be making americans nostalgic for the trump days. a poll found that a staggering

9:40 am

46% of voters considered president biden to be mostly bad for america. only 25% consider his presidency to be good. compare that to the members to trump, 42% said that it was mostly good, and who knows who the 25% are. maybe they are as dead as the voters are? >> ben: yes let's do a debate first. i don't think he's going to debate. he's going to find a way out of it and here is one. we saw how much time he can focus and it's about 26 minute, and then it disappears. i cannot imagine president biden on a debate stage for one hour. because they had to have it unscripted. they had to script espn, nothing could be asked on espn. so, if i am president biden and

9:41 am

his people, over my dead body would not allow him on stage because the decline would be masses and you would see it and it would be bad. if they are bullied into it because of the media actually saying you have to do it or people say if you don't debate it will be to him because people say you are not capable of being the president i don't think you will see more than one because they have to hide them like they get the covid last time. because he did not have to go out to perform. but one of the last time they had a big rally? there are all small events close to the media. >> emily: according to the administration however, president biden is in their prime. how can they get away with not putting him on the stage? >> harris: let me bring up two things, you are seeing his numbers arise amongst and pe people. trump is silent because he is in court.

9:42 am

every time he gets to a camera he needs to talk about how he is going to solve the nation's young people park at the problems right now. you could talk about the case is as much as the gag order will allow him to do, but he needs to start talking politics where ever. he has to do it. president biden is going to pennsylvania, and it will be an ice cream situation where however many scoops of ice can they have when they run out -- that's how big the crowd will be, but maybe he will get lucky and get a big rally, but right now it is 8-inch by inch race, and if you want to go after those young voters, what is winning? the issue about israel. >> ben: and also free college tuition. >> harris: again, trump needs to get into the game and stay in the game. the cohorts does not say you

9:43 am

cannot talk politics does it? >> emily: no it doesn't. and the biden administration says that -- here's how we are going to meet voters where they are -- the biggest issue is the quality of life and their livelihood issues which will help alleviate that burden by paying for your tuition not addressing the iceberg of issues underneath that. the policies that created that fomented problem. no wonder the majority of americans are unhappy because of these policies. will they own up to it? will they debate? >> nicole: i think the problem is the four years that have gone away, it's not like we have to go back into ancient history and remember when times were good. we could go on vacations for five years ago. by the way, credit card debt now -- is the highest it's ever

9:44 am

been. delinquency through the world. young people having to write -- people in their 20s talking about how angry they are because people are making a lot more money selling their houses which were the greatest equity and young people cannot even buy a house. a lot of this generation is selling their houses to private equity firms instead of making them available for young people to buy. young people cannot launch themselves to where their parents were at their age, they are angry and getting radicalized on tiktok, there's a lot of problems for the democrats right now. and trump should talk to them on those issues. >> harris: yes maybe he needs to do a 10:00 a.m. rally. >> rachel to your point, trump is the presumed nominee. people want to see him again for someone like joe biden who is claiming he is going to save democracy and bring unity by

9:45 am

refusing to get in front of the american people and have this debate which is part of the history, if he is quite antidemocratic to meet. >> ben: it is. and what did they give him? >> stuck the did they end entirely different -- >> emily: up next, one of the many issues under president biden's watch, migrants pouring into our country and it is the taxpayers, us, who was footing the bill. the amount that is being spent will shock you. coming up next. ♪ ♪

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♪ ♪ >> emily: as the bloated government processes over texas, we are learning how much of your money is going towards the migrant crisis. the federation calculated that the total net physical cost of illegal immigration is a hundred and $50 million. let us run through these num

9:50 am

numbers. so taxpayers are paying now about $14 billion for welfare, 42 billion for medical care for undocumented immigrants, and it bows down to each individual taxpayer paying an estimated $1,100,000 a year. which americans know we do not have. >> nicole: one thing that upsets me is that we need to provide medical care for people who were indeed, but if we are giving $42 billion toward undocumented immigrants and their health care, there are a lot of families who are paying taxes and they are declaring bankruptcy because of medical bills are not able to get certain things for their own families. so when you look at the picture i'm okay with helping others as long it's not sacrificing the people who are actually contributing and trying to help. everything is being mismanaged especially when it comes to the border and it's hurting the

9:51 am

american people. >> emily: this is 129% of americans are not meeting their financial needs right now. people are saying that they are making too much for people but they are not. >> ben: as a country we spend a trillion dollars every other day. if you go back in history and how they set up communism and socialism, you do it when people are weak not when they are strong and have their own needs. so, if you are a democrat right now, the democratic party right now is that -- nate anderson if you think up a country and you bring a new voters then you can fundamentally change the internet the united states of america in one generation because if the people are so weak they cannot stand up to you and they cannot stand up to the government and the government is there to hand you your food and your housing in your medical,

9:52 am

they own you like a modern day -- >> let's put up all the screen other agencies who are less than a hundred and 50 billion who are spending on undocumented immigrants. we will put that up as escrow for you as we hear your thoughts. >> harris: okay, we can go through this for the rest of the show. but $150 billion, that is a dedicated bill to solve the border crisis that we have right now. that is actually eclipsing the money and we have not seen anything as it clipped the money -- that's the money we wanted to give to ukraine in the months to build that did not go through. we did apparently have the money to fix the border but we want to ensure that the problem continues by spreading it the way we are spending it now. this is not about whether or not a bill can happen but whether or not the bill's money is in play and they do with it what they want. it is all the things you have said. none of this is solving the problem of the border.

9:53 am

>> emily: what they want is more undocumented immigrants. this clearly is a priority. >> by design, do you remember when nancy pelosi said we could not the wall? but how do you put a price on the systemic taking advantage that is happening across the border of people who are drowning in these rivers, and also fentanyl, and the children who are lost. 80,000 children who are lost in many of who has followed into sexual trafficking. how you put a price on that? this administration is responsible for every one of those lives and they don't care because they want this. and people are expendable to them. >> harris: people are making sure that they don't see. >> but not here. "outnumbered" more in just a moment. if you have chronic kidney disease you can reduce

9:54 am

the risk of kidney failure with farxiga. because there are places you'd like to be. farxiga can cause serious side effects, including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration, urinary tract, or genital yeast infections, and low blood sugar. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis. ♪ far-xi-ga ♪

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veteran homeowners, have you looked at the interest rates on your credit cards lately? get ready for a shock. the rate on credit cards is now over 22%. if you want to save hundreds of dollars every month, pay off the balances on your high rate cards with a lower rate va home loan from newday usa. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. no one takes care of veterans like newday usa.

9:58 am

>> last but not least dr. nicole saphier is out the new book. you can order your copy now at fox newsbooks.com close level or purchase one wherever books are sold and there is a show on fox nation available now for a streaming. we are so excited to talk about this today. tell us what listeners and viewers can find in the special book. >> my gosh, this book is such a special collection story starting with my story that started out when i became pregnant in high school and i had my son when i was still in high school. but it is not just about my story, its many other moms, fox moms, rachel is in the book and has incredible insights and also nonfox moms, gold star parents and others and i can tell you there is such a common theme in this book on how people, we all

9:59 am

face the same trials and tribulations but we leaned on our faith, our family, our friends, that is certainly what i did what created the person i am today and i was so blessed and grateful to be able to share not only my story but that of other women. and in the center of the book is incredible, it's a colored pamphlet with scripture, quote come little tidbits of advice, i've taken some, some of martha maccallum's advice when it comes to parenting -- >> can i read one of yours? it's one of my favorites. in that glossy section and it says "it's okay not to feel on top of the world at all mom moments, -- nicole saphier" and that's how true people assume we can do it all as a mom and they ask the dreaded balance question and i don't have balance. i love this book reminds me that no one expects you to be perfect. if they do, tell them to be quiet. we are not going to be perfect. >> is that not true? you can't beat everyone to everyone at every moment in time and that's with the book is all about. to show we are all struggling.

10:00 am

we touch on so many different topics and it is just beautiful how it all came together. >> nicole, can i just say nicole's story is worth the book alone. it's a pro-life story, the fed is trying to tell us having a baby means you can't have a life that your dreams will be over a. that your life is over. and nicole saphier is really -- like, it's what really attracts me, we are such good friends, she is proof abb and a mother are compatible with happiness and joy and unplanned pregnancies mean unplanned joy and i thank you for sharing that in such a beautiful way in this book. >> thank you, guys. >> this is an incredible book and your life sending us tonight. you can order your copy now at fox newsbooks.com" or purchase one where books are sold, again a show on fox nation you do not want to miss available now for streaming. now "america reports." >> i should be right now in pennsylvania, in

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